Good news! 

Thanks for your interest in taking action on our Sourced campaign - we have some great news! 

The voluntary policy that we asked councils to adopt has been made mandatory by UK Government. With so many councils across England and Northern Ireland debating this policy, the pressure on central government has mounted. 

Councils spend billions of pounds each year on goods and services and now they have to ask companies tougher questions about their tax practices. This greater scrutiny of companies’ tax affairs will prompt these businesses to adopt more responsible tax practices, both in the UK and in the world’s poorest countries. In time, this will mean higher tax revenues and more money available for spending on health, education and other essential services. 

This success marks the conclusion of the Sourced campaign. 

What next?

Some councillors might not yet know about the change, so please share the good news with them! 

If you are in touch with your councillor, you could ask him or her to ensure your council reports publicly, on an annual basis, on companies’ compliance with these questions and on any companies that have been barred from bidding for council contracts on the grounds of tax compliance. 

Note: the new tougher mandatory questions can be found in Procurement Policy Note 08/16 – under the section on `Mandatory Grounds for Exclusion’. 

Annual reporting is not a requirement of the new regulations but is something some councils have agreed to do voluntarily, as a result of our campaign. 

Here is a suggested letter that you could send to your councillor

Thanks for taking action!