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Tax dodging costs lives

Tax revenues in developing countries like Sierra Leone could help pay for robust healthcare systems, not only to care for the health of the nation but also help prevent epidemics like Ebola.

Multinational companies are taking advantage of the secrecy in tax havens – moving their profits to low-tax zones such as the British Virgin Islands and other British Overseas Territories - to dodge the taxes they owe in countries like Sierra Leone.

How can local councils help tackle tax dodging? 

Local authorities spend many billions on goods and services from private companies each year. That means they are in a powerful position to insist on minimum ethical standards from companies.

Your local council is likely to use private companies to supply a wide range of goods and services. These companies include big multinational companies who also operate in developing countries.

Take action

Please email your local councillor(s) to ask them to champion tougher questions from your council to the companies that it does business with.