Tell David Cameron to ensure that all seven British Overseas Territories with financial centres adopt public registers of beneficial ownership


Tax dodging costs lives

Tax revenues in developing countries like Sierra Leone are crucial, and could help pay for robust healthcare systems that would help prevent epidemics like Ebola.

Multi-national companies are taking advantage of the secrecy in tax havens - such as the British Virgin Islands and other British Overseas Territories - to dodge the taxes they owe in countries like Sierra Leone.

Find out how tax dodging is costing lives in Sierra Leone

Join the call to end tax secrecy!

In the light of the Panama Papers leak, the eyes of the world are on the rich and powerful hiding their billions offshore, and not paying the taxes due to the countries they operate in.

Join us in calling on David Cameron to show leadership and ensure that all seven British Overseas Territories with financial centres have to publish who owns what and where by establishing public registers of company ownership, so that nobody can avoid the taxman!

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