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We believe that everybody deserves a safe place to call home
, and we stand for a world that refuses to turn a blind eye to the suffering of people seeking sanctuary.

Yet the stories told about refugees in the UK media too often dehumanise people and promote discrimination, in turn discouraging the UK Government from taking the steps that put human dignity first.

Help us change the story.

Write to a newspaper. Respond to particular stories, or simply explain why you think refugees deserve more compassion. 

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Top tip: keep your message short and to the point. 

In your letter you could:

  • explain why you believe refugees deserve to be welcomed
  • point out that Britain has a proud history of welcoming refugees
  • tell a positive story about the contribution that refugees have made in your community, or a group that is making refugees welcome
  • ask the media to portray refugees in a more humane and dignified way.  
If you're responding to a particular piece of coverage, remember to include the headline and the date of the piece you are referring to.

Make sure you have people's permission to write about them. 
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